site updates
9.28.23 - about me only misses music player and my love shrine almost done omg... then it's art page and my diary... though i might replace my diary for hobbies or interests...? i'm unsure! what do you think?
9.27.23 - about me is almost done!! missing some cute details & music player
9.25.23 -haha! figured out the entire music player im at peace!!! also im starting the about me... i'll do the diary & art in the future
9.24.23 - WHOOPS site overhaul!! do we like it?? i kind of do!! main page is done, i plan to make about me buttons where social media is so please look forward to that :D (you can see the old site here!)

9.21.23 - did ocs page design speedrun any% missing info only... but at least the layouts are done... click the icons of my ocs please .... i wanna NAP
9.20.23 - fixed mobile view wowza!!! also finished the main page and the welcome page!! started the ocs page!
9.18.23 - main page done
9.17.23 - first started neocity!